Car Wrap Service

Change the look of your car and protect your car’s original paintwork against stone chips and weather conditions.

Why get a car wrap?

Protection from the elements – be it rain, snow, or shine, your vehicle’s original paintwork will be protected.

Refreshed appearance – it’s almost as though you have a brand new car.

Better than a respray – everything about wrapping is better than a respray, including costs, time, and result.

Increased resale value – you can fetch a better price when selling due to the protection of the original paintwork.

Not permanent – you can change the appearance of your vehicle as often as you like.

We use the best material in the industry

Car wrapping is done for several reasons by a trained professional. A layer of vinyl film is applied either full or partially to change the look of a vehicle.

Here at Auto Styler, We use the best material in the industry, including 3m, Avery Denison, mactac, and more. 

We have a fully loaded work shop to ensure all work is to carried out to a high standard.  

We have:

  • Years of experience;
  • The best material;
  • Your best interest at heart.

If you are struggling to decide between car wrapping or a paint re-spray, then you might want to read this. Some of the benefits of Car Wrapping are:

  • It’s not messy;
  • It takes less time to apply;
  • It’s cheaper than a respray;
  • It’s less labour-intensive; and
  • It’s the best option to achieve any type of look you might want.

For more information or to book your vehicle in with us please contact us via e-mail or call us on 01244 634004 

Some of Our

car wrap faq's

Have questions about whether car wrapping is right for you?

What is car wrapping?

Car wrapping entails washing your vehicle, removing some of the trim and exterior components, and then A layer of vinyl film is applied either full or partially to change the look of a vehicle.

will it affect my resale value?

Since wrapping is achieved with a vinyl film, it protects the original paintwork underneath. That means that a potential buyer can pay extra since your car will be in a much better state than another car of the same year.

Will it damage my vehicle?

No car wrapping will not damage your vehicle, and in fact, it is a non-permanent alternative to a repaint job. Not only that, but it protects the original paintwork of your vehicle.

How long will it take?

The wrapping process shouldn’t take longer than 5 days, which is a vastly better option than the weeks you’d need for a paint respray.


Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to the design. You can even opt for a clear vinyl wrap as a protective layer, keeping the original look intact.

Do I have to wrap my entire car?

Not at all. You can choose to apply a full wrap or to only partially wrap your car. We'll work closely with you so that we can achieve the look you want.

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” Brilliant service, Ceejay’s a top lad and top job done on my van today. Cheers “

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” Can’t fault Ceejay at Auto Styler at all. Genuinely nice guy , from booking to completion in less than 24 hours & at a very high standard and for a great price. Will definitely be returning in the future. “

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